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Brain Juice Run-Off

I'm sorry, is my geek showing?

17 April 1984
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  • willowbl00@livejournal.com
This is my geek journal. My personal journal is over at willowperson, but I didn't want to overwhelm people with my pontifications on The Future and whatnot.

Why LJ? I already had a lot of connectivity on LJ, and I didn’t want to send a link to an off-site blog just for my geek musings. I know it’s not professional, but I’m not trying to be professional. This is a space for me to refine ideas before I go off on learning binges, to narrow down the search before diving in.

This is a Geek Blog (glog?), not an academic one. I will make personal references. I will have a sense of humor. I will tangle reference styles, use footnotes and parenthesis for stray thoughts and tangents. It is important to bring in outside references and to give credit, but this is also playful. I hope you like it.

Please feel free to debate, bring in outside resources, etc. All I ask is that you be polite. My own humor is quite dark. The difference between dark humor and immaturity is if it is aimed at an individual or at the situation as a whole.